In our facilities, the pre-tempering glass finishing process is carried out by a team experienced in flat grinding and shaped grinding machines.

Glass doors, sink benches, shaped table glasses, decorative glass products such as furniture glass are processed in CNC glass processing machines.

The finishing work of the pre-tempered glass and the edge correction of the windows are carried out.

The grooving process is applied to the glass sheets used in the decoration area, and in particular to the mirrors.

In this process, which is usually made on surfaces close to the glass edges, the surface of the glass is shaped by opening the cavity so as to form a 2 mm deep line.

The cutting process in our plant is made without touching the CNC controlled and fully automatic cutting tables.

Glass of any size is cut to any size.

Laminated glass cutting requires a special experience and equipment.
In our facilities, laminated glass section is prepared in computer environment as in flat glass section and it is performed at cutting tables with cutting edge technology.

In our facilities, Isıcam production is carried out on CNC controlled machines without hands.

It is offered to our customers as facade glass in thermal insulation glass and architectural applications in construction sector.

The function of thiacol, which is used as the final insulating material, is to protect the Insulated Glass unit from external conditions.
Therefore, thiacol withdrawal in Insulated Glass production is very important. This process is carried out by our expert personnel in special machines with great care.

Insulated Glass’s first insulating material butyl, in our facility is taken with a butyl machine. 1 mm thick butyl on both sides of the profile is pulled by pulling the two glass is provided and the dry air is entrapped inside the glass.

Bevel processing is carried out in the processing of glass and mirrors used in furniture decoration industry.

In this process, the edge of the glass is polished at a 90 degree angle.