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  • Glass Processing
  • Decoration
  • Heat Glass
Adds Life to the Glass

interior decoration
Building Glass Construction
Exterior Building Glasses
Store Decoration

Production Process

Cylindrical Lapping Machine

Decorative doors such as glass doors, washbasin benches, shaped table glasses, furniture windows.

Laminated Glass Cutting Table

In our facilities, laminated glass cutting is carried out at cutting tables with the latest technology.

Straight Lapping Machine

The finishing process of the pre-tempered glass and the edge correction of the windows are performed.

Insulating Glass Production Line

In our facilities, Isıcam production is carried out on CNC controlled machines without hands.

Grooving Machine

The grooving process is applied to the glass sheets used in the decoration area, and in particular to the mirrors.

Thiokol and Silicone Pulling Machine

This process is carried out by our expert personnel in special machines with great care.

Glass Cutting Table

Glass of any size is cut to any size.

Butyl Machine

The first insulating material of Isıcam is taken with butyl machine in our facility.

Flat Boom Tempered Glass

As Camex, we produce flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass with flat and curved tempered glass.

Cnc Glass Processing Machine

The CNC glass machining center is used for grinding, drilling, milling and polishing the flat or shaped glass. Glass processing processes are completed perfectly and quickly.

  • Glass Processing
  • Decoration
  • Heat Glass

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